Abortion Recovery Counseling

Trinity Family Counseling - a community service of Oklahoma P.L.A.N. offers Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome

counseling utilizing the Victims Of Choice counseling program originally developed by an abortive mother in conjunction with professionals in the PTSD field.

The program format is a one-on-one counseling system utilizing nine steps to reach four goals: the determination of personal abortion connectors; relinquishing and releasing suppressed emotional pain and anger; restoring broken relationships: man-to-God and man-to-man; establishing a relationship with the aborted child; and learning self-help programs.

Nine individual counseling steps facilitate reaching the four goals. The lay counselor works with the abortive mother to help her attain the four goals. Victims of Choice is a specifically Christ-centered program which recognizes and stresses the need for spiritual awakening, repentance, and dedication of the life to Christ. It is Christian, but non-denominational.

Counseling services are free. This program is supported by the donations of people who recognize the need to provide this service to those who are hurting from abortion. No payment is ever asked from clients.

Brochures explaining the services of Abortion Recovery Counseling are available from Oklahoma P.L.A.N. for distribution by interested individuals and organizations.

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