Sidewalk Counseling

Sidewalk counselors are often the preborn baby''s last defense before death by abortion. These counselors try to talk with parents, giving them information that clinics don't offer, such as the developmental stages of the preborn child, as well as the many dangers of so-called "safe and legal" abortions, including infection, sterility, and even death. Babies are alive today because of the intervention of sidewalk counselors. A young woman named Maria, who was met at an abortion center by a sidewalk counselor commented:

I remember one of the women saying to me, "It's only right, Maria, that you let this baby live," and when they showed me one of those fetal models, and let me hold it in my hand, and impressed upon me that my baby was just that size, I knew I could not go ahead with an abortion. I thank God every day that I didn't abort my baby."

Recently in Oklahoma City, a woman entering an abortion facility was approached by a P.L.A.N. sidewalk counselor. The woman chose not to have an abortion that day, and after a series of meetings decided against the abortion. The woman did not know that she was pregnant with TRIPLETS. Three beautiful babies were born as a result of that encounter outside the building where those babies were scheduled to be killed.

Oklahoma P.L.A.N. offers training and instruction for those interested in taking on the important and life-saving work of sidewalk counseling. Counselors trained in the finest and most successful counseling techniques by the country's best counselors work one-on-one with trainees teaching them how to save lives outside the abortion facilities. If you would like to investigate being a part of this life-saving effort, contact Oklahoma P.L.A.N.

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