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Second Sunday of Great Lent - Holy Cross Sunday

Today we draw one more step closer to the joy and the glory of Easter. On Saturday and Sunday, March 1/14 and March 2/15 we will sing the praises of the Holy Cross - the Cross which has become a sign of victory and salvation. We will venerate that Cross that is to us the sign that God's love has no measure: God's love that has no limits...God's love that is as deep as the depths of God Himself...God's love that is as all-embracing as God is all-embracing...God's love that is as victorious as God is victorious!

The Cross is awe-inspiring, and shines in the quiet, gladsome light of which we sing in Vespers.

So in these days we have to make ourselves ready to meet this event, the vision of the Cross. To look at it, and see in it the Divine Love - see in it the certainty of our salvation!

And after that we will move on again toward Pascha - to Easter. In a few weeks we will come to the threshold of Holy Week - the glorious entrance into Jerusalem...just before those who proclaimed that Jesus Christ was coming in the Name of the Lord, the same people would turn on Him, accuse Him, and crucify Him.

How fickle mankind self-centered we can be in our ignorance!

Now - right now - we are now in the time of newness and renewal, a time when God's victory is revealed to us...

A time that we are called to be wrapped up in that Victory - to be surrounded by it...

To respond to it by a gratitude that will make us into new people...

So for now we continue that journey of making ourselves better day by day.

We continue that journey of making the days of Lent to be days of joy in answer to the Divine love which is the means for us to work out our salvation.

Services for the Holy Cross

Saturday, March 1/14, 5:00pm:

Night Vigil Service with Veneration of the Cross.

Sunday, March 2/15, 9:10am:

The 3rd and 6th Hours followed at 9:30am by the Divine Liturgy
of Saint Basil the Great.

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